Gear Review

The Goal Zero Guide 10 plus Adventure Kit (click here) is the solar panel that we have been using to charge our small electronic devices and AA and AAA batteries for our GPS, Headlamps and other accessories.  The Nomad 7 Solar Panel has a USB port so we can plug in our devices directly to it.  The Guide 10 is where we charge our batteries (4 at a time) and can also use the pack as back up power to charge our devices, it comes in handy when we don't want to use the cars battery for charging or are away from electricity and need a charge at night when the solar panel does not charge.

The Goal Zero Rock Out portable speaker (click here) has been a great addition to the Nomad 7 solar panel for enjoying music while camping or on the beach.  I must say that we am very impressed with the sound output of these speakers, they really do rock out.  The Rock Out speakers have their own batteries integrated so it does not drain the power on our iPod device.  The speakers battery life will last a few days of use until we charge it with our Nomad 7 Solar Panel for an hour every few days to assure that we have power.

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