About Us

We are two skiers who have hung up the sticks in return for a baby blue surf board. The surf board rides between us in a black Nissan Pathfinder on the road from Steamboat Springs, Colorado to beautiful Ushuaia, Argentina.
We met seven years ago teaching skiing at Wilmot Mountain in Wisconsin. In 2005 shortly after we met, we moved to Steamboat and have not looked back. We have been married since August 21st, 2009 and after an amazing six years of living and skiing in the snowy Colorado we are long overdue for this journey. So we decided to stuff all of our belongings into a ten by ten storage unit and start driving South to wherever the road will take us (or until it ends).
Aneta was born and raised in Krakow, Poland and Aaron is from Antioch, Illinois. Right after comming to the US, Aneta signed up for college in Chicago knowing very little English and graduated with BS in International Business. She likes hiking, dancing with Aaron, Pilates, and much more. Aaron loves to catch and grow his food, but loves to feed it to you even better; Aneta loves to eat it. Aaron has an adventurous spirit, is handy and is always up for a good challenge, that is why Aneta lets him hang around. After many shorter trips we figured that we needed an extended one that will lead us to warmer climates and new adventures. We were frustrated with not being able to learn Spanish in the states so we decided that we needed to immerse ourselves in the culture and language. We are very excited to see the world, learn Spanish, meet new people, use our skills to help others, try new foods (especially fruits and veggies), and have the time of our lives.
Because... why not?

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  1. Guys, it was a nice and random encounter but I am sure it wont be the last. I am still recovering form my ear infection, now in Playa del Carmen thinking in heading to tulum in a couple of days.
    hope you keep on having fun and finding nice places along the way. Keep in touch and i am sure we will find each other again along the way.