This is a page on the food that we have encountered along the way.  It still amazes us how much the preparation but the ingredients are still similar or when certain foods are consumed.  This page contains food that we have see at the market, restaurants and prepared ourselves.  Happy looking!!!
Yerba or Chard tamales.  These are everywhere and our go to tamale.  Here in Roco Blanco we picked up three for 10 pesos with salsa
I have to find one of these tools for extracting the carne, they are key!
Tlayudas are a food of Oaxaca city and the surrounding area.  We had these on the street below our apartment for twenty pesos.  They come in several variations.  The basic is with beans and quesillo (Oaxaca cheese) then salsa.  Some places add lettuce, peppers or meat.
Veggie Burger Night in Oaxaca, Mx

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